Monday, July 14, 2014

Monsieur Bon-Bon's Secret "Fooj"

My oldest Hungry Puppy just finished reading the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  In the very back of the book, there is a recipe for Monsieur Bon-Bon's Secret "Fooj".  She brought me the recipe and asked if we could please please please make it?  So sure!  Let's make it!  She did most of the work, but I stirred since it was so hot.  The consistency of the "fooj" is not really like fudge, but more chewy like a tootsie roll.  I am going to share the recipe with you exactly as it is written in the book, but the recipe is a little bit vague in certain places, so I did a little research for clarification in order to have the most successful batch of "Fooj" possible.  1 pound of sugar is about 2 cups.  The recipe calls for "1 small can evaporated milk", which is a 5 ounce can, or 2/3 cup.  "4 tablespoonfuls unsweetened chocolate" is unsweetened cocoa powder. It says to boil until it "forms a soft ball when a sample is dropped into cold water".  This is softball stage, which is 235 to 245F.  I brought my "fooj" to 235F, then still dropped some in cold water so my Hungry Puppies could see how it actually worked.  I used a greased 9x9 inch square baking pan and cut the "fooj" after it had cooled completely.  

Monsieur Bon-Bon's Secret "Fooj"

1 lb granulated sugar
1 small can evaporated milk
1/4 lb finest butter
1 tablespoonful water
1 tablespoonful corn sirup
4 tablespoonfuls unsweetened chocolate

Put all the ingredients into a saucepan.  Melt slowly on a low gas until the mixture thickens slightly and is absolutely smooth.  Turn up gas and boil very quickly until it forms into a soft ball when a sample is dropped into cold water.  Remove from heat and beat well with a wooden spoon.  Pour the whole mixture into a flat, greased pan, mark in squares, and leave to set.  When cold, DEVOUR!

Enjoy!  -Cardamommy


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